H5P’ing Together

Let’s begin by trying out the Image Hotspot tool.

Some uses at TRU:

Common outdoor air pollutants and sources.

The KAGbox Map.

Crystalyn’s hand tattoo.

Let’s build an artifact.

To create a test account at https://h5p.org/

We’ll need:

A source image – we’ll use this one (by Bryan Mathers) from Jim Groom’s post reflecting on the workshop Towards Openness – Safety in Online Learning.

What we want to add to it, such as:

Definition of key terms, such as VPN, and links to helpful services like tracker blockers.

Our video from the workshop.

Recent news of relevant interest.


Here’s what came of Brian’s live demo, built via the H5P WordPress interface while babbling paranoid takes about surveillance capitalism…

A tutorial on this process is here.

You can embed the results in most web environments, including Moodle.

Other tools in the H5P suite.

The audio recorder.